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Whatsapp Recovery 3.0.2

Restore deleted messages from WhatsApp

If you have an iPhone, you can recover messages and files deleted from WhatsApp with WhatsApp Recovery, an app that's easy to use for any level of user.  View full description


  • Recover chat, contacts and files
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Good tutorial
  • Export data in XLS, TXT and XML


  • No advanced options
  • Only works with iPhone


If you have an iPhone, you can recover messages and files deleted from WhatsApp with WhatsApp Recovery, an app that's easy to use for any level of user. 

Recover them directly or with the iTunes backup

You could lose your WhatsApp messages for one of many reasons: accidental deletion, an update that has overwritten conversations, or maybe even a jailbreak problem.

In these situations, all is not lost: you can still get them back with the help of WhatsApp Recovery.

The program offers two options: direct, by scanning the memory of the device connected to the computer, or by using an iTunes backup of your iPhone.

In the latter case, the software will analyze the contents of the backup and let you extract and save to your PC contacts and conversations from WhatsApp (in XLS, TXT or XML), including multimedia file attachments (photos and videos).

Additionally, under the Tips section, there's a practical tutorial with questions and answers to let you make the most of WhatsApp Recovery.


WhatsApp Recovery has an intuitive interface consisting of only three buttons: Chat, Contacts, and Tips. The design is simple and basic.

Keeps its promises

WhatsApp Recovery is an easy way to recover the conversations, contacts and multimedia attachments that were deleted or lost. Each operation is simple, thanks to the tutorial that explains and solves any possible doubts you may have.

Extract and Recover WhatsApp Messages directly from iOS devices

Want to recover mistakenly deleted WhatsApp messages? Update to a new version of WhatsApp and your old messages are missing? WhatsApp Recovery could fix all these for you and recover all your WhatsApp chats and contacts. It provides you 2 effective options for recovery: Extract from iTunes backup and recover directly from iOS devices without backup. With just one click, you can retrieve lost WhatsApp messages & contacts and transfer them to your computer. WhatsApp Recovery makes it easy to manage WhatsApp messages, photos, videos & contacts, allowing you to recover deleted ones and export &transfer all chats and contacts to computer.

WhatsApp Recovery extract and recover chat history and contacts directly from iOS devices without iTunes backup. This function is not offered from other similar software on the market.

Whatsapp Recovery is designed for all iOS devices and iPhone/iPad holders who mistakenly deleted WhatsApp messages.

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Whatsapp Recovery


Whatsapp Recovery 3.0.2

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